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About Ali

Hi there stranger! So happy you’ve managed to navigate your way here! Let me fill you in a little on my background. 

Are you like me, looking to supplement your income as you have reached the age of no return…. the golden years! 


My name is Alison, Ali to everyone that knows me. For as long as I can remember I have been involved with the rescue, rehabilitation and love for all creatures, great and small, something I inherited from my wonderful father. This can be an expensive passion.

The onset of Covid in March 2020 shut down my two tourism related businesses, friends rallied to assist in the upkeep of all the animals but sadly in the end I had to rehome most of my trail horses, expenses were just overwhelming. I had to find an additional form of income.

Calf cuddles

I racked my brain, did crafty things, a bit of Social Media on the cheap to help out friends with marketing, built some gorgeous websites, but this only pulled in the pennies. I needed the dollars!!!

I know I am smart and that I have an overactive brain. I’m always in entrepreneurial mode and trying to make another plan. This is how I stumbled across Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate and my searching was over. I had found the most brilliant platform brimming with help and training, folk just like me who needed extra income, people that were succeeding, even those like myself with little to no knowledge on the subject. The training is that good and the worldwide community support, exemplary. 

I couldn’t believe that I could make money out of a passion, literally anything that tickles your fancy. Within a few days I had a website live and was already recognized by Google search engines. I was well on my way to being financially independant in my later years and still able to help with the adoption and rehabilitation of animals. My passion didn’t have to die.


I’d really like to help you too. Helping animals and people in need is what I do best. I’d like to help you realize that dream of being your own boss, being financially independant, supplementing your existing income, having the monetary backing to continue doing what you love. This is all 100% attainable. There is no start up cost and a myriad of opportunities await. Full training is provided to educate you on affiliate marketing and help get your online business up and running successfully.

Here I would like to stress something very important. This is not a “get rich quick” quick scheme. This is an opportunity to really learn, put that tutoring to the test and succeed. It’s achievable by every single one of us but you must realise from the start, the more time you put in to your training, the faster you will begin earning. Give yourself a good 6 – 12 month grace period and you will be flying out the starting stall!

Blogging is such fun, like chatting with your bestie on paper! Don’t be afraid to write, let it flow like a conversation. The more you write the easier it comes.

Don’t wait a minute longer, get started today!


Personally I love sharing my stories, the good, the bad and the ugly!

I am always happy to incorporate guest blogs so drop me a mail if you’d like to hook up online. 

Anything related to helping animals, less fortunate persons or just general “feel good” truths are most welcome.

Warmest regards from sunny South Africa.

Ali 🙂

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